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Serviced and Loler Compliant

We are proud to be your local authorised dealer for Manitou – leaders in material handling equipment with reliable, high performance machines.

Depending upon the condition of the equipment and individual customer requirement, we can deliver anything from a serviced and painted truck, right through to a fully re-built machine.

All repairs and regular maintenance, as specified in the agreement, are carried out by our trained engineers with genuine parts.

ME 318


Total Length: 2.97m
Width: 1.09m
Overall Height: 2m
Lifting Capacity: 1800kg

MI 18 G


Total Length: 3.35m
Width: 1.08m
Overall Height: 2.15m
Lifting Capacity: 1800kg

MI 25 D


Total Length: 3.94m
Width: 1.23m
Overall Height: 2.32m
Lifting Capacity: 3500kg

160 ATJ+

Width: 2.3m
Overall Height: 2.37m
Lifting Capacity: 400kg
Lifting Height: 14.21m

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